Building Better with Attractive Wrought Iron Bracket Hardware

Enjoy your living space and get lasting results with decorative wrought iron bracket hardware.

Building better by using wrought iron bracket hardware will prove to be your best choice. Heavy duty metal corbels make for a great solution in fireplace mantel support. And, at the same time iron brackets add detail in design giving a unique reveal. Whether you are looking for strong support for a kitchen cabinet, overhang countertop, or a shelf, it is important to use a product that will reflect your taste. Equally, it is ideal to design with strength in mind.

Be aware of what you are shopping for and look for quality products-

As you know, while shopping the internet wrought iron bracket hardware, not all brackets or corbels are the same. Some products may have a good look but are inferior in quality and may only provide flimsy support. And, at the same time, a strong bracket may have the strength but not pleasing to the eye. So, take your time in looking for the right product-find the best of both worlds for your interior or exterior design project. Building better with attractive hardware in wrought iron brackets will always prove to be the right choice.

Wrought Iron Angle Bracket-Medium
Adding that Perfect Detail in Support

We welcome your visit to our website where you will find a large selection of handmade iron brackets that are offered in many sizes, designs and finishes.

Corrosive Effects on Stainless Steel & Metals in Salt Air Environments

Learn about corrosive effects on stainless steel and metals in salt air environments!

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Are you concerned about corrosive effects on stainless steel and other metals?

As we are aware, stainless steel appliances are beautiful and the trend. And, because stainless steel has a clear reflective look and works well with all interior or exterior design it is a very desirable finish to have on appliances.

But, with the beauty of stainless steel comes the care that is needed to keep it looking beautiful. There are corrosive effects on stainless steel and metals in salt air environments.

Here are just a few questions people are asking about the care of indoor and outdoor stainless steel.

Question: I just installed a beautiful outdoor kitchen using stainless steel appliances. Will I have corrosive issues?

Answer: Yes, it’s a fact, in time you will notice little brown or small rust like spots on the stainless, especially when there is salt air. And, metal corrodes especially if you live near salt air.

Question: What can I do about preventing of corrosion to my stainless steel?

Answer: There are metal protective coatings in the form of spray or wipes that work well.

Question: What does the coating process require and does it really work?

Answer:Here are some tips and information about stainless steel protection.

  • Prevent corrosive effects on stainless steel by coating your stainless steel with a protective coating product
  • It only takes a few minutes and it does work
  • There are several products on the market. Inquire at the store in your location for their best reliable product
  • Yes this applies not only to outdoor appliances but indoor appliances as well
  • Your appliances will show rust spots if preventive care is not taken
  • There are also stainless steel wipes that are convenient and very easy to use
  • Make a note on your calendar to remind you when it is time to add your protective coating to your stainless steel
  • The protective coating product should indicate how often this should be done.

How to Clean Rust on Stainless Steel Appliances-

Now, do you want to learn more information on the care of your stainless steel Click on the following link: How to Clean Rust on Stainless Steel Appliances- This article is found on GE Appliance website.

Here at Shoreline Ornamental Iron we design, build and finish our products to best serve you in indoor and outdoor settings.

In addition, we understand that metal, especially when not protected, will rust. And, raw metal will rust quickly.

What does this mean for you when you order wrought iron angle brackets, metal wall hanging candles sconces and our decorative metal wall decor?

This means when we make your iron products the iron is prepared to receive a high-grade primer, which is a great base coat protector. On top of the primer goes the finish of your choice, which adds more protection to the metal. Once that finish is applied and before your iron product is shipped it gets a clear Acrylic or lacquer coat.

Now you can enjoy your iron product without worrying about deterioration.

Now, for a Fun Question~

Is corrosion a problem in outer space?

Ask your kids or present this question at your next party.

According to Robert Frost, Instructor and Flight Controller at NASA here is Mr. Frost answer.

Yes, particularly in low Earth orbit.  In low Earth Orbit, there is a relative abundance of atomic oxygen.  Atomic oxygen is very reactive and oxidizes metals and hydrocarbon polymers quite actively.

A second mechanism for corrosion in space is off-gassing.  In fact, some materials will off-gas significantly in a vacuum. The chemicals that are off-gassed can travel and deposit on another surface.  The chemicals and surface might then react together forming corrosion.

This article is taken from and can be found on Quora. com

To Read More-

The Story of 2 Kings- 2 Kingdoms and an Iron Angle Bracket


The story of 2 Kings – 2 Kingdoms and a Large-Unusual Iron Bracket

A Must Read- “The Two Kings and the Large Unusual & Unique Iron Bracket”-

Long ago two kings got together and talked about their loyal subjects. The first king, being pious and prideful, spoke that his loyal subjects would never speak of their own ideas.  But, his subjects would only heed his ideas and his ideas only. The loyal subjects knew that to come up with their own creativity and originality could lead to severe consequences. The second king, being a humble and gentle king, thought carefully and wisely before he spoke. And, he explained to the first king, that for him, new and inventive ideas were welcome. And he knew, although he had the final word on things, he had only one mind. But, that ideas and creativity of many minds made for a better existence and future for all.

It’s kind of like this unusual and unique heavy duty iron angle bracket, that you see here. You will notice it is different and creative. It is diffidently out the box in imagination. It is not traditional, but at the same time, will perform the duties that a heavy-duty iron bracket must be able to do. And, it is certainly a great example of what the second king would have loved.

A large unusual and unique iron under counter bracket, like this one, is obviously not for everyone. But, how fun for those who just want something unusual and unique.  The angle bracket bars freely curve, twists and coil making each bracket individual. And, no two iron brackets are ever exactly alike. It is totally a free form of creative iron  in a heavy duty wrought iron bracket. Perhaps you like unusual design in function and can see this awesomeness under your vanity or kitchen counter top. Or, what about an outdoor feature or element in design?

This metal angle bracket would truly impress the second king. Now… for the first king….well…let’s just say, as his loyal subject, you would hope it was his idea.


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