Shop Decorative Hand Forged Wrought Iron products for Home and Garden.

We offer the Best Quality Unique Handcrafted Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets, Custom Wall Mounted Sconces, Metal Wall Decor and Cast Iron Crosses.

Since there’s mass production of shelf brackets, and decorative candle holders, our hand crafted and hand finished iron products are unique. Because we know shoppers ask for and want quality, not mass produced products, we meet that need. Therefore, shop the best, unique and custom shelf brackets, wall decor, wall candle sconces, and cast iron crosses on our website. Each metal corbel and candle holder you purchase is handmade here in our studio in Southern California.

We know home decor expresses our decorating style and allows ways to be creative. It also reflects our personality through our choice in interior design.

While there is variety in style, materials and prices, it is important to keep quality and craftsmanship a priority. Therefore, avoid thin, flimsy, and lightweight metal products.

Here at Shoreline Ornamental Iron, we have found handmade custom products are desirable, wanted and asked for to reflect good design.

Because, our unique iron brackets and candle sconces are not sourced out, we have full control over these metal products. In other words, we are able to work closely with our customers for their custom needs.

So, if you want a variation in an iron product, just give us a call. We are more than happy to assist you. Whether it is sizing issue or something more custom, we are her to provide that service.

Also, to make these products even better, we hand apply our beautiful one of a kind specially formulated finishes to your iron product. You have a choice from our seven available finishes. These finishes include Bronze, Old Copper, Nickel/Steel, Brass, Iron Patina, Blue/Green Iron Patina and Black Matte.

Finally, we offer Free Shipping in the continental U.S.A. If, you are out of the Continental USA please contact us for details in shipping.

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