Shelf Bracket Decorative Metal/Wrought Iron Support for Counters, & Mantels

Shelf Brackets in Decorative Metal creates heavy-duty wrought iron support for counters, mantels with excellent results. A great metal bracket option for Interior or Exterior use. Not only is this video fun and informative it features our latest shelf bracket in decorative metal.  Imagine how this strong heavy-duty wrought iron support will make your countertops and mantels […]

The Story of 2 Kings- 2 Kingdoms and an Iron Angle Bracket

The story of 2 Kings – 2 Kingdoms and a Large-Unusual Iron Bracket A Must Read- “The Two Kings and the Large Unusual & Unique Iron Bracket”- Long ago two kings got together and talked about their loyal subjects. The first king, being pious and prideful, spoke that his loyal subjects would never speak of […]

Tips on Mantel Installation Using Angle Brackets-How to Achieve Balanced Look

Getting ready to install your mantel on your fireplace? Here are tips for positioning and installing your fireplace mantel, giving it a well-balanced look using angle support brackets or corbels. After doing your research on fireplace mantel ideas, shelving ideas, and with final decisions made, it is time to take action. Here you are, you […]

Choosing the Right Size Candle Wall Hanging Sconce for Your Living Room

What Size Wall Hanging Candle Sconce do you need for your Living Room Wall?   This is a questions that our customers ask often. Here are a few suggestions for choosing the correct size wrought iron candle sconces for your living room. Room Size- Consider the size of the living room or the wall size. […]

An Easy Affordable-Effective Fireplace & Mantel Makeover

    Are you are looking for an easy and tangible way to makeover your Fireplace Mantel? There is an affordable and

Wrought Iron Angle Brackets- How an Idea Became our Business. Here is our Story!

It all started when we wanted to add a nice counter top to our side porch. The counter top part was easy, but finding two iron angle brackets to support the counter top was another story. Sure, the big box hardware stores carried a slew of angle brackets of all types and sizes