An Easy Affordable-Effective Fireplace & Mantel Makeover

Iron Bracket Thick Small Heavy Duty

Amazing Mantel with Heavy Duty Iron Brackets SD-BR-031711



Are you are looking for an easy and tangible way to makeover your Fireplace Mantel? There is an affordable and effective way to get this done.

So, you need an easy and affordable solution in giving your fireplace an up to date makeover that’s effective and affordable.

First of all, by bringing the visual focus and interest to the fireplace mantel and decorative iron brackets themselves, the ugly fireplace wall will fade away visually. And, the fireplace mantel will draw the eye away from the unattractive fireplace wall. And, the mantel and iron brackets become the focal point.

Removal of  Fireplace Mantel and the Makeover With Iron Brackets

Most mantels are easy to remove. Since the mantel is most likely bolted to the wall or held up with brackets. By removing the bolts and/or brackets the fireplace mantel piece should come off very easily. And if your mantel is not removable consider covering the existing mantel with a material of your choice. Once you have removed the mantel, or resurfaced the mantel top, new heavy duty decorative iron brackets can be installed. As a result, this fun and easy project will bring great rewards and update your entire room.

Of course, there are many things that can be done to the fireplace wall to make it more attractive. This depends on what the wall itself is made of and the cost. You may be dealing with a stone wall, brick or other surface, which is desirable, but out of date. Furthermore, some stone, brick or other masonry work is just unattractive, or very poor craftsmanship. But, until you can afford to remove or resurface the fireplace wall, you will enjoy the rewards of this project and be encouraged to plan the next makeover.

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