Our 9-12″ Iron Angle Brackets are hand-forged from top quality materials and offer a support solution that looks attractive and intentional. They’re perfect for carrying the weight of mantels, glass, granite, and more.  And as always–shipping is free within the continental U.S.

Best in quality metal corbels for shelf support, mantel, glass and other surfaces.

While, you’ll find angle brackets in every hardware store, you will not find quality like this. And, you will not find the choices of custom styles, sizes and hand finished metal corbels.

Since, quality and craftsmanship is always the best choice, we know you’ll find that perfect support bracket on our website.

And, we offer, 5″ to 8″ metal brackets, in a variety of style designs, options in sizes, and we are available to assist you.

Also, customers know, when they see product like this, quality and craftsmanship are important in creating the best look. In addition, our customer service can’t be beat.

In conclusion, here at Shoreline Ornamental Iron we bring custom design and detail to our products. Interior designers look for that detail in order to create the best in design. Here, is visual, and, at the same time, best in design and quality in an indoor and outdoor wrought iron angle bracket.

Finally, we appreciate our customers because they understand craftsmanship is different from mass production and that each of our products are handmade and hand finished, giving each iron piece its uniqueness. There are no two exactly alike. We are glad we can offer great iron products with such character.

Have any questions about this product? Please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. We are here to answer any questions you may have.


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  • Decorative Contemporary Iron Angle Bracket

    Decorative Contemporary Iron Angle Bracket

  • decorative-heavy-duty-iron-bracket

    Decorative Custom Heavy Duty Iron Bracket

  • custom-heavy-duty-decorative-iron-angle-bracket

    Decorative Custom Iron Support Bracket

  • iron-angle-support-bracket

    Iron Angle Bracket-Hand Forged

  • heavy-duty-wrought-iron-bracket

    Iron Bracket – Thick Large Heavy Duty

  • beautiful-leaf-iron-support-bracket

    Iron Leaf Angle Bracket – Heavy Duty

  • iron-shelf-counter-support-bracket

    Iron Shelf-Counter Support Bracket

  • small-heavy-duty-metal-support-bracket

    Large Decorative Metal Corbel

  • modern-heavy-duty-iron-angle-bracket

    Large Straight Bar Iron Angle Bracket

  • shelf bracket decorative metal

    Shelf Bracket Decorative Metal/Wrought Iron Support for Counters, & Mantels

  • standard-1-inch-metal-brackets

    Standard 1 Inch Metal Brackets

  • standard-1-wrought-iron-brackets
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Standard 1″ Wrought Iron Angle Brackets

  • standard-wrought-iron-angle-brackets

    Standard Wrought Iron Angle Brackets

  • Wrought Iron Angle Bracket-Medium

    Wrought Iron Angle Bracket-Medium