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Full Counter Iron Leaf Bracket-Hand Forged


**Additional charge of $25 for Iron Patina, Blue/Green Patina and Black Matte Finishes


Product Description


Price: $395.00
Dimension:   18”D x 29”L
Bar Dimension:   2″ W x ¼”D L Bar
Scroll Dimension:1 ½”W x 5/16” Thick
Drilled Holes: Accommodates ¼” to 5/16” lag screws
Bolts/screws are not included.
Weight: 25 lbs. Each

Full Counter Iron Leaf Bracket – Hand Forged, Large, Decorative an Excellent Choice for Interior or Exterior Use

This full counter Iron Leaf Bracket is hand forged, large and decorative. It’s a excellent choice for interior or exterior use.

No matter what type of angle bracket for shelf support used to brace up shelving, counter top or other support surface, you need a product that provide best quality support. And, customers want support that fits properly under shelf or counter top surfaces.

Your bracket should cover the majority shelf or counter top depth. This provides protection from cracking or fracture of shelf or counter top surfaces.

This large heavy duty iron leaf bracket for shelving supports granite and other heavy surfaces. Also, ornamental decorative brackets are ideal under lightweight counter tops and shelves, as well.  Don’t hesitate, bring attention to outdoor cooking areas, such as, counter top or shelving with a dramatic and positive impact using the best in support metal corbels.

As you can see, this beautiful leaf bracket speaks volumes in the grace of the scrolled iron. The position of its large leaf on the front of the bracket scroll brings custom appeal to this large angle bracket.  Therefore, this is truly an unusual and unique full counter top mounting decorative shelf bracket. And, notice the detail even to the bottom of the bracket along with the hand applied finish.

So, if you want that custom look for counter top or shelf this iron bracket is ideal. And, this product is great for interior or exterior use.  This leaf bracket comes with three (3) 5/16” drilled holes down the back “L” Bar- two (2) 5/16” drilled holes on the top “L” Bar.  Holes will accommodate a ¼” or 5/16” bolt/screw.  Bolts/screws are not included.

In conclusion, a hand applied metal coating finish, of your choice, which includes Bronze, Old Copper, Nickel/Steel and Brass is included in the price. An additional charge of $25.00 will apply to Antique Iron Patina, Blue-Green Patina, and Black Matte finishes. Your finish choice is hand applied allowing each piece to have its own characteristic.

Furthermore, we know our customers appreciate quality and craftsmanship. Quality and craftsmanship takes time- please allow us 2-2 ½ weeks to complete. Let us know if you have an issue with the lead time. Keep in mind, we pay the Shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S.A.

*Please Note: Antique Iron Patina, Blue-Green Patina, and Black Matte finishes are $25.00 more per bracket.  The price will be reflected when you choose your desired finish.

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Additional Information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 2 x 29 in
Metal Finish

Brass, Bronze, Old Copper, Nickel/Steel, Iron Patina, Blue-Green Patina, Black Matte


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